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​In memory of Mary Ann Donaghy


The Board of Trustees of the Bernardsville Library Foundation expresses its deepest sympathy to the family of Mary Ann Donaghy, who passed away on Tuesday, August 15.


Mary Ann had been an Honorary Trustee of the Bernardsville Foundation for a number of years and was the owner of our beloved town book shop, The Bookworm, for more than 38 years.  Mary Ann was a great supporter of the Bernardsville Public Library, often collaborating on programs that benefitted both The Bookworm and the library.


We are grateful to Mary Ann for her years of service to Bernardsville residents, providing us with books we love to read and a cozy, much-loved shop in which to browse, discover new authors, and find books to cherish. We are also in debt to Ms. Donaghy for her generosity to, and support of, the Bernardsville Library Foundation.  Rest in peace, Mary Ann.

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