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​In memory of Terry A. Thompson 

Terry Thompson.jpg

​                            The Board of Trustees of the Bernardsville Library Foundation extends its deepest sympathy to the family of Terry Armstrong Thompson, who passed away, peacefully on Thursday, April 13. Terry Thompson was a dear friend and a loyal patron of the Bernardsville Library. Terry joined the Friends of the Bernardsville Library soon after moving to Bernardsville in the mid-1980s. Terry was then appointed to serve on the Board of Trustees of the Bernardsville Library, and did so for many years, serving for a time as Board Secretary and as President of the Library Board. In 2010, Terry was instrumental in establishing the Bernardsville Library Foundation. She spent many hours helping to interview and establish the inaugural group of trustees and officers of the Foundation. As a lawyer, Terry was incredibly helpful in structuring the mission and bylaws of the organization. Terry generously donated the seed money to help get the Bernardsville Library Foundation started on its mission of fundraising for the Bernardsville Public Library. Terry’s devotion to the town of Bernardsville, and in particular to the Bernardsville Public Library, was unmatched. She will be dearly missed by the trustees of the Bernardsville Library Foundation.

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